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  • Fionna Faulk

    Fionna Faulk is a Fortune 500 international sales trainer, keynote speaker, and founder of Live Unlimited™, a comprehensive program geared towards self-improvement for college students and companies.


    Fionna focuses on helping others through impactful and energetic keynote speeches, workshops, and one-on-one coaching.

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    Fionna Faulk

    "Don't tell me we can't, just tell me how we can.”

    –Fionna Faulk


    "Don't tell me we can't, just tell me how we can.” This statement is one I have used for years. It is a statement that rebuffs the negative, seeking only the positive.


    This statement is my mantra.


    I'm Fionna Faulk, and I make my living positively effecting the lives of others.

    In life, we are all faced with challenges.


    Challenges when we can't pay the bills. Challenges when a job doesn't work out. Challenges when we don't close that sale we really wanted. Challenges when a significant other no longer wants to be with us. And, challenges when we graduate with no real job prospects yet tons of student loans.


    These challenges, amongst many others, can be overcome. Knowing this, it is how we deal with various challenges as we're experiencing them that will change our lives, and shape our futures.

    This is where I come in.

    I have coached for, and am currently the host of a career improvement podcast.  I speak to help organizations and companies. My focus is to help the every day person take hold of their lives by utilizing small tweaks to their lives that ultimately result in major changes. I've held leadership positions from the early days - including multi-term high school class presidencies, founding and leading multiple on campus groups in college, and even placing in the top three in the Miss Pre-Teen Pageant of Florida and The Alliance Carnation Queen Pageant. I possess a bachelor's degree in political science - emphasizing political philosophy and the study of rhetoric - from a Forbes and Princeton-Review top-rated liberal arts institution, Hiram College.


    We speak. We engage. And in the end, we grow.

    Whether you're a company who needs to bring the best out of your employees, an event planner who's holding a conference that needs a powerful and energetic keynote speaker, or an activities director at a college or university looking for someone to motivate your student body, reach out to me, and let's make this happen.


    You can reach me on social via Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


    Looking forward to connecting with you!

  • Live Unlimited™ for speaking engagements and consulting

    We live in a time when only 48% of Americans could handle a $400 emergency expense without needing to borrow money or sell a personal belonging. While the rich are getting richer - exponentially faster - every day Americans seem only to tread water, making just enough to get by, with no major advancements in their chosen profession or personal income. It seems almost as though in order to live a life free of struggle, stagnation, or professional mediocrity, one must nearly have to be born in a family of privilege, or come from some other sort of circumstance that gives them an advantage. After years of enduring, it begins to feel as though the system is rigged. While, ultimately, there are a number of factors that effect our lives and what happens throughout them, one truth remains: our minds are our greatest asset to our own happiness.

    Live Unlimited allows us to work together to explore the depths of the differences between those who are successful, making money, excelling in life, and to whom good things always seem to happen, and relate those differences back to action-steps in which we can use in our own lives in order to begin bridging the gap.


    Live Unlimited for Colleges & Universities: This program is excellent for freshmen, seniors, career events, orientation day, and welcome back week.


    As your freshman come into college, and your seniors prepare to depart, it isn't always clear for them exactly what will come next. It can be tough for students to tackle the daily demands of a more rigorous college workload, or the anticipation of graduating without knowing if they'll end up doing what they really love. Focusing on the details that can help your students maneuver their way through these challenges and more is what Fionna's keynotes and workshops are all about. Check out some of the topic favorites, below.

    • How to Figure Out What You Want to Do After College, Even if You've Never Done it!
    • Hidden Gems within Yourself that Will Shape and Impact Your Future
    • The Millionaires' Key to Getting More Done in Less Time 
    • Interested in Entrepreneurship?  Here's Why Your Degree Still Matters.
    • Additional keynotes and workshops available on motivation, LGBT, suicide prevention, and diversity. 

    Email booking@fionnafaulk.com to inquire about customizable presentations.




    Live Unlimited for Conferences, Events, Consulting: These are a list of the favorites. Other customizable topics are available upon request.

    • Creating Champions for Change
    • The Key Ingredient to Employee Retention  
    • Motivating the Seemingly Unmotivated
    • Locating the "Tap" in Un-Tapped Potential


    Are you ready to overcome obstacles?

    Contact Fionna today for college speaking engagements and consulting!

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